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Common Dimension:500mm x 500mm

Common Place:Office/School/Bank

​Backing material:PVC/CUSHION BACK

​Country of origin:Korea/China/Japan etc

​Price:$ 6.5/square feet

All product with Flame retardant certificate

Leadtime with stock (installation included):3 days

1. Carpet Tile


2. Exhibition Carpet


Temporary carpet for exhibitions. It is economical but noble. Installation is fast and easy!


Common Place:Exhibition/ Shopping Arcade

​Composition:100% P.P.

​Country of origin:China/Belgium etc

Price:$ 2.5/square feet

Leadtime with stock (installation included):3 days


3. Machine-made wall-to-wall Carpet

Stock carpet and tailor-made wall-to-wall carpet

1. Stock machine-made wall-to-wall carpet


Common Place:Restaurant/Hotel/Clubhouse/Yacht

​Country of origin:Australia/Belgium/France/China etc

​Price:$ 5.5/square feet up

Leadtime with stock (installation included) :3-5 days

2. Tailor-made machine-made wall-to-wall carpet(HAX Carpet)

Width:max 5700mm

​Price (Common Construction/ density:7 X 9):

​$ 22/square feet up

Leadtime (installation included) :45-60 days


Area:Tailor-made as wall-to-wall or AREA RUG

Weight:Tailor-made for 4.5/ 5.5/ 6.5 oz

Common place:Hotel/Clubhouse/Home

Type of looping:LOOP-CUT/ CUT-PILE

Standard:Europe and USA standard

Quality:New Zealand Woollen 

​Price:$ 60/square feet

Leadtime (installation included):35-40 days

4. Woollen/Woollen-Mix Carpet


5. Aisle carpet


High-low construction can trap dust and absorb water from shoe back. Suitable for place with high flow of people indoor and outdoor.


Common place:Lobby、lift/Yacht/Shopping Arcade


​Composition:100% P.P.

​Country or origin:China/Belgium etc

​Price:$ 10/square feet up

All product with Flame retardant certificate

Leadtime with stock (installation include):3 days


Luen Fat is agent for 3M carpet purchase. High quality with reasonable price. We also provide 3M carpet installation. 

Style:3M #1000、#4000、#6050、#850 etc

Common place:Lobby, lift, corridor, changing room, shopping arcade

​Price:Different style with different price. Welcome for enquiry.

6. 3M High Quality Carpet